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Write or Wrong?

Professional Editing & 
Proofreading Services.




Proofreading versus Copy-editing, simply stated

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Proofreading:- checks for spelling; punctuation; grammar; correct word usage; orphans and widows; and simple layout - this makes good writing excellent.

Copy-editing:- looks at your language structure; helps improve clarity and coherency; ensures the overall layout, and that of tables, figures and corresponding text is consistent; assists you to avoid making accidental, yet potentially inappropriate commentary; makes your work "sing".


Transcription services

If typing is not your strength, or you don't have the time to do a good job, transcription converts audio to type-written text in MS Word format, or a PDF file if preferred; charged at a quarter ratio rate (i.e. 15 minutes audio charged at hourly rate - this is an industry standard).

Katherine Swailes


Katherine has worked in several industries, giving her a broad knowledge base from which she draws, to help others use language clearly, concisely and, above all, correctlly.

She is a published scientist, prior to and during her time gaining her doctorate in metabolic biochemistry; she has worked in the marketing side of the pharmaceutical industry; and is a qualified Personal Trainer in the fitness industry, in which she ran her own business for 11 years.

Throughout Katherine's work in these varied industries, one set of skills continued to stand out above there rest - her facility with language. Katherine further studied towards her Diploma in Editing and Proofreading to enable her to become a profressional editor and proofreader.

All manner of copy editing, proofreading and transcription will be considered, but Katherine's specialist areas include:

  • medical and biological sciences

  • marketing and business reports

  • nutrition and cookery



Katherine Swailes

I've been fortunate to have lived in several countries and to have worked in some very disparate industries, giving me the opportunity to draw from a broad knowledge and experience base when working on my editing projects.


My background in a nutshell, prior to qualifying as an editor and proofreader, includes work in scientific research when I attained a doctorate in metabolic biochemistry, with concomitant scientific publications to my name. After qualifying, I worked in data management, market research and b2b pharmaceutical marketing. Then both my interests and my lifestyle changed, so I qualified as a personal trainer and sport's therapist and worked in the fitness industry for eleven years.

Though born in the UK, I've also lived in Israel and the USA, but now New Zealand is my home. I adore my home, betwixt sea and forestry land on the outskirts of town. Together with my co-editor (a short-haired collie-cross called Tippi) we thrive on the peaceful, natural environment.


After gaining my Diploma in Editing and Proofreading, I thought to focus on medical editing and other non-fiction publications including health & fitness, nutrition, and other life science associated documentation. Whilst I can still do this, I discovered that editing fiction is where my heart lies. I thrive on fiction editing and have turned my carreer to all types of editing for fictional material.


I offer my services both to the independent, self-publishing author and to agents and publishers alike. I'm happy to provide quotes for beta-reading, developmental editing, line- and copy-editing, and proofreading in most genres, but my specialties include:

  • Fantasy (all sub-genres, all age levels)

  • Science fiction (all sub-genres, though if it's extremely technical you might lose me!)

  • Crime, thrillers and suspense

  • Romance (all sub-genres, including erotica—but not hard porn, by which I mean no violence beyond what may be required for the story and absolutely nothing involving children or minors)

  • Literary fiction

Genres that I can offer proofreading (only), but which I could not offer a strong beta-reading, developmental editing, line- or copy-editing service include:

  • Horror

  • Military history or contemporary


  • Political affairs



"Kathy proofread and copy edited my crime/thriller manuscript. Her attention to punctuation and grammar was flawless. I had many sentences or paragraphs throughout my manuscript that didn’t quite work for me and Kathy did a great job of making suggestions to make these parts sing.

Kathy, from the outset, was very professional and asked the right questions so she could go about her job efficiently. I would not hesitate in recommending Kathy to others."

Nikki Crutchley, author,

finalist 2018 Ngaio Marsh - 'Best first novel'


"I engaged Kathy Swailes to proofread my first short story as creative writing student at the NZIBS, having come to this with a long background in journalism ...

... Kathy wrote that she was reasonably confident that she could do ‘a fair job’.   She did far better than ‘fair’.  She did a thoroughly excellent job from our first communication to the second and final read which she offered me.

She gave my work a light copy-edit and a thorough proofread, with clear suggestions and corrections and an accompanying, explanatory style sheet.

She took care of my copy, acknowledging the work required of all writers to get to this point and I appreciated that.  She improved my copy with her careful attention to everything from ellipses to exclamation marks (too many!) and commas and clichés (just one which I thought was excusable - oops).  Accordingly, I adopted almost all of her suggestions.

For me personally, I’m delighted that I have found a proofreader I can employ in the future.  I wholeheartedly recommend Kathy to anyone needing a set of sharp, fresh eyes."

Robyn Welsh, journalist and writer.


"Kathy provided proof-reading services for a lifestyle magazine we produce for one of our clients. We found Kathy terrific to deal with. She is an excellent communicator, clearly outlining processes and costs and responded to all our questions and emails incredibly quickly. Her proof-reading skills are second to none – she offered excellent suggestions and ensured the content was cohesive and written in the correct tone and style. We will absolutely use Kathy again and have no hesitation recommending her to others."

Anna Seccombe, Snr. Account Director,
NOVO Strategic Advertising & Design



I am a novice writer and had previously had my first book of a series copy-edited and subsequently published. But the quality of the work left something to be desired. Four months later, while looking for an editor to do a revision of the copy-editing on the same book, I met Kathy in a Facebook writers’/editors’ group. We talked, I sampled her work, and I asked her to re-edit my first book.

To my delight, hiring Kathy became the best decision I’ve made in my business. I like to work in collaboration with my editor and to retain control of my artistic creation. In Kathy, I found a professional willing to work with me at my pace of work and with full collaboration. In Kathy, I found an expert who provided excellent customer service and timely turn around.

Although I’m a retired Army Officer now, I found that the quality of Kathy’s work ethic compares well to the high quality and excellence I found in my staff while working in the United States military as a Command Surgeon for a two-star General. Kathy has now become my copyeditor for all my work. To date, she has worked on two of my books. And I have two others in line to include in her schedule. I highly recommend Katherine Swailes, for your editing needs.

​Omayra Vèlez, author


The Assembly of Thirteen-ebook.jpg



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