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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are put in place to protect both me and you, the purchaser of my services. By choosing to contract me to edit or proofread your document, you will be agreeing to abide by these particulars. If you have any concerns about one or more of the following clauses, please feel free to highlight and discuss them with me as I'm sure we can come to an agreement once we both hear the others considerations.

  1. Before I start on any project, I will give you a quote for the work. It is likely that I'll want to see a sample of the work (usually 4-5 pages taken from somewhere in the middle) and we will need to discuss the level of service you require. Once I have given a quote, and you have returned a signed agreement, the price is set. I will not alter the price, unless by mutual agreement if the nature of the work required is increased by you. For example, if the project is extended to include more text, or if you request to upgrade the level of service contracted.

  2. I have the final decision whether to accept your contract or not. A written contract will be provided alongside, or preceding any quote I send you for sign off. Signing the contract will only be required once per customer, regardless of any repeat projects that you choose to send me.

  3. I will offer you a money back guarantee (100% of my service costs, less any expenses I may have incurred for consumables) if you are not satisfied with my work. This is a no quibble guarantee, but I will ask that you explain what the problem is in my delivery. This is so that I can learn and improve my service offering.

  4. If you are a full-time student with no income, I will offer you a 10% discount. Proof of your full-time study will be requested.

  5. If you are a repeat client, I will offer you 5% discount on subsequent projects. Please remind me if I forget to offer when I send you my quote.

  6. Most of my new clients come to me via 'word of mouth'. If you are coming to me as a result of another client telling you about me, I will offer you a 5% discount and will also offer the referring client an additional 5% discount on their next project (over and above the initial 5% for returning clients).

  7. If I believe that another editor could do a better job for you, for example if your project falls outside my specialties, I will tell you so and if possible, I will recommend another more suited editor.

  8. I will meet your deadlines once they are agreed if it is within my power. Your deadlines are the most important aspect to this work because if your deadlines are not met, then my work has no value. This assumes that you provide me with the hard or soft copy in the agreed timeframe.

  9. I am happy to discuss any element or stage of the project, and in several cases will expect us to talk for clarification, by telephone, Skype, email or text messaging service. Please be aware that I work from a home office in New Zealand, so if you are in another country, especially the UK where time differences are either 11 or 13 hours (British or New Zealand summertime), a real-time conversation may have to be arranged in advance to accommodate each other's time zone.

  10. Last but not least, I will give you the utmost respect and courtesy at all times and I would appreciate the same in return.

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