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Well-written copy only needs proofreading. For this service, I look for the following types of errors and inconsistencies:-

  • Spelling mistakes, including those from typographical errors ("typos"), incorrect word usage (e.g. their, there, they're), or language inconsistencies (e.g. mixed New Zealand or British English spelling with American English spelling)

  • Punctuation errors, including incorrect, inconsistent or missing use of punction marks; capitalization where appropriate (and its removal if inappropriate); correct spacing between words and sentences

  • Consistency in font size and style, bold or italics, numbering systems, bullet point styles, figure and table titles and labels

  • Simple grammar corrections - when the sentence does not make sense or can be misconstrued, or runs on too long

  • Simple word usage corrections - when the wrong word is used accidentally (e.g. "predominant doctor" is likely to be "prominent doctor"), but if a correct word is used suggestions for improvements are only made with copy-editing

  • Missing words, duplicate words, juxtaposed text



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