Most often transcription will be from audio format to either MS Word or a pdf file if that is preferred. The charge will be made by allotments of time when the audio format is played at the speed it was recorded at (i.e. x 1.0). Standard proofreading on the final copy will automatically be included with the transcription services, but not copy-editing which would be an additional service. The rates will be based on my hourly rate, where one hour charge will equate to 15 mins of audio. This is an industry standard and takes into account not only the typing speed, but also layout and proofreading.

Occasionally, transcription may be done from hand-written script. A sample of the handwritten script will have to be reviewed to determine the ease of reading. As with audio transcription, proofreading on the final copy will automatically be included with these transcription services, but no copy-editing. The rates will need to be assessed, depending on the cleanliness (i.e. the amount of scribbling, crossing out and cross-referencing to side notes) of the copy and the handwriting legibility.


The final file format (MS Word or pdf file) can be emailed, or supplied on a memory stick depending on file size.

If a hard copy is required, printing will be charged extra to cover the additional material costs and postage.

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